From Sunset Magazine and Sunset Books to House Beautiful to being featured on TV’s “Good Morning America”, Gary Marsh is recognized as a leading expert and innovator of the art of bringing the outdoors in. His plans, projects and interviews have been in multiple publications, highlighting his designs for decks, how-to instructions for fabricating their curved construction, beautifully completed outdoor living projects, home renovations, gardens and water features. He also has granted permission to major manufacturers for the photographic rights to several of his outstanding projects, which were used in their own advertising campaigns.

Online Articles:


  • Black & Decker: The Complete Guide to DECKS, three featured projects, 2022
  • Sunset Books: Patios & Decks, seven featured projects, 2006
  • Deck Designs, Creative Homeowner Press; 1 of 4 featured designers, 2000
  • Sunset Books, cover photo of deck design, August 1996
  • Sunset Book: Deck Plans, deck design, 1991
  • Ortho Garden Construction, deck design, 1990
  • Sunset Books, feature on four deck designs, 1990
  • Sunset Books: Decks, deck design, 1986

Magazines / Newspapers:

  • Miami Design, “Repurposed”, water feature design, March 2011
  • Money Magazine, “Home Makeover”, April 2009
  • Sunset Magazine, “Backyard Magic”, September 2008
  • Sunset Magazine, “Disguise the Hot Tub”, June 2007
  • This Old House Magazine, cover and feature article, May 2007
  • Sunset Magazine, “Decks for Easy Living”, August 2006
  • This Old House Magazine, interview on deck designs / photos, June 2004
  • Smart Money Magazine, Interview on deck values / photo, Sept. 2003
  • Sunset Magazine, featuring a Sausalito project, June 2000
  • Pacific Sun, voted “Best In Marin” for landscape design, Fall 2000
  • Today’s Homeowner, featured award winner in national design competition, May 2000
  • Sunset Magazine: 100th Anniversary Issue, porch feature, May 1998
  • Woman’s Day, “Additions and Decks”, three featured projects, Spring 1998
  • Sunset Magazine, featured project photographs, June 1997
  • Sunset Magazine, feature on curved deck, March 1995
  • Marin Independent Journal: Home and Garden Section, feature on design, August 1995
  • Daily Commerce, LA newspaper, two-part article on deck design, 1995
  • Sunset Magazine, feature on garden chair design, February 1994
  • New Home, cover feature on deck design, May 1993
  • Sunset Magazine, feature on curved deck, July 1993
  • The Journal of Light Construction, cover and feature on curved deck construction, 1991
  • In Marin, feature article on landscape design, 1991
  • Sunset Magazine, features on deck designs, May and August 1990
  • California Redwood Assoc./ Popular Science, award winner, deck design, 1991
  • Home Magazine, feature on two deck designs, 1989
  • Success Magazine, interviewed for article on deck design business, 1989
  • Sunset Magazine, deck design article, 1989
  • Home Magazine, feature on deck design, 1989
  • Remodeling Magazine, “TOP 50”, award for achievers in the remodeling industry, 1988
  • Sunset Magazine, feature on deck design, 1988
  • Better Homes and Gardens, feature on gate design, July 1986
  • Remodeling Contractor, cover and feature on deck design, 1986
  • Woman’s Day, feature on deck design, May 1986
  • Remodeling Contractor, feature on deck design, 1986
  • House Beautiful, feature on deck design, May 1984


  • “Good Morning America”, deck designer segment, seven projects featured, July 13, 1995

Photographic Advertising Rights:

  • Behr Stains, photographic rights of Marin deck sold for advertising, 2002
  • Olympic Stain, photographic rights of Marin deck sold for advertising, 2002
  • Olympic Stain, photographic rights of Marin deck sold for product advertising, 1994
  • Lardi Cox & Associates, Hertfordshire, UK, photographic rights sold for deck design, 1993
  • California Redwood Association, photographic rights granted for national ad campaign, 1992
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